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Designs Services & Guidelines

Specific individual needs

Designs Services & Guidelines

Satisfying furniture solutions

To ensure the most effective result in realising your individual and overall home furniture requirements, it is essential that Sybaris are involved from the very outset of your homemaking process. Experience has taught us over time that liaison with you, your architect, your builder and your interior designer from the very beginning will bring you the most rewarding and satisfying furniture solutions. It is here where Sybaris’s expertise comes to the fore.

In this way Sybaris can guarantee that your specific individual needs are met via the custom-design of your own personal and unique furniture and that there is an overall continuity and flow of furniture throughout your home, with each and every room complementing the next.

From the selection of our hand-crafted furniture designs to the specialization achieved through our renowned and widely recognized modern and contemporary take on traditional matt & gloss and paint ageing-effect finishes, your finished home will be one that you will take great pride in.


  • Contact us so that we can meet with you to discuss your specific furniture requirements
  • Meetings to be arranged between Sybaris and your homemaking team – Architect, Builder and Interior Designer
  • Conceptual Drawings to be prepared for your input and feedback
  • Final Drawings to be prepared for your Approval
  • Finishing details – Worktop/ Paint/ Handles/ Interior Fittings etc. – to be discussed and finalized
  • Furniture manufacturing Process to commence and be brought to finalization
  • Installation and Fitting of all furniture items into your home

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