Factory Showroom

Factory Showroom

Thesen Harbour Town Shop

Thesen Harbour Town

Sybaris runs from a purpose-built manufacturing facility that also incorporates a comprehensive in-house showroom area where customers can easily view a broad collection of Sybaris furniture. These finished pieces can also be viewed at their exquisite and ever popular shop on Thesen Harbour Town.

Factory Showroom
Contact our showroom today on 044 382 2866
Unit B1 Delmeer Factories, Corner Progress and Noble, Knysna, 6570

Thesen Harbour Town
Contact our showroom today on 044 302 5731
Unit 6, The Boatshed, Thesen Harbour Town

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+27(0)44 382 2866
David 082 785 4239 / Eithwen 083 310 2136