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Sybaris are designers and manufacturers of the finest quality hand-crafted kitchens and furniture based in Knysna, South Africa. From small beginnings some 20 years ago, the Sybaris brand has quickly achieved widespread recognition from a rapidly expanding client base both in South Africa and internationally.

Modern and Contemporary Execution

Why Sybaris?

Only the finest quality local and imported timbers are hand-crafted by our dedicated and highly trained team of 20 local craftsmen in our purpose-built manufacturing facility. Featured within our facility is our in-house showroom where a selection of the Sybaris range is available for viewing, giving you inspiration for an aesthetically pleasing flow of furniture throughout your home.


Evident throughout is our complete commitment to the quality and attention to detail of the furniture-crafting process from concept right through to the finished product. From selecting of our designs to the specialization achieved through our renowned and widely recognized modern and contemporary take on traditional paint ageing-effect, your finished home will be one that you will take great pride in.

Together with our rapid growth, the Sybaris brand name has become strong and well established, allowing us to achieve global recognition, particularly in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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